Collaborators, The CRASH-4

Intramuscular tranexamic acid for symptomatic mild traumatic brain injury in older adults: a pilot randomised, placebo-controlled trial (The CRASH-4 trial pilot phase). Journal Article Forthcoming

In: Forthcoming.

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Nutbeam, Tim; Roberts, Ian; Weekes, Lauren; Shakur-Still, Haleema; Brenner, Amy; Ageron, Francois-Xavier

Use of tranexamic acid in major trauma: a sex-disaggragated analysis of the Clinical Randomisation of an Antifibrinolytic in Significant Haemorrhage (CRASH-2 and CRASH-3) trials and UK trauma registry (Trauma and Audit Research Network) data Journal Article

In: British Journal of Anaesthesia, 2022.

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Williams, Jack; Ker, Katharine; Roberts, Ian; Shakur-Still, Haleema; Miners, Alec

A cost-effectiveness and value of information analysis to inform future research of tranexamic acid for older adults experiencing mild traumatic brain injury Journal Article

In: Trials, vol. 23, no. 370, 2022.

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Goodwin, Laura; Nicholson, Helen; Robinson, Maria; Bedson, Adam; Black, Sarah; Kirby, Kim; Taylor, Hazel; Voss, Sarah; Benger, Jonathan

Barriers and facilitators to the administration of prehospital tranexamic acid: a paramedic interview study using the theoretical domains framework Journal Article

In: Emergency Medicine Journal , pp. 1-7, 2021.

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Grassin-Delyle, Stanislas; Shakur-Still, Haleema; Picetti, Roberto; Frimley, Lauren; Jarman, Heather; Davenport, Ross; McGuinness, William; Moss, Phil; Pott, Jason; Tai, Nigel; Lamy, Elodie; Urien, Saïk; Prowse, Danielle; Thayne, Andrew; Gilliam, Catherine; Pynn, Harvey; Roberts, Ian

Pharmacokinetics of intramuscular tranexamic acid in bleeding trauma patients: a clinical trial. Journal Article

In: British journal of anaesthesia, vol. 126, no. 1, pp. 201–209, 2020.

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CRASH-3, Trial Collaborators

Effects of tranexamic acid on death, disability, vascular occlusive events and other morbidities in patients with acute traumatic brain injury (CRASH-3): a randomised, placebo-controlled trial. Journal Article

In: LANCET, vol. 394, no. 10210, pp. 1713–1723, 2019.

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